Associated Press Thieves in Sweden walked into a medieval cathedral in broad daylight and stole crown jewels dating back to the early s Tuesday. Thursday, August 02, 1: The two men pulled off the heist at Strangnas Cathedral at noon Tuesday and vanished aboard a speedboat or jet skis into the vast patchwork of lakes around the city, located 37 miles west of the Swedish capital of Stockholm, police said. The stolen artifacts included a gold crown and an orb dating to that were made for King Karl IX’s funeral, as well as a jewel-encrusted crown dating to that was used in Queen Kristina’s funeral. The items were on display at an exhibition, and visitors were inside the cathedral when they were taken. Police sent out a helicopter and boat to hunt for the thieves but found nothing.

Panama’s pre-Hispanic golden artifacts stored out of sight

A treatise on the management and ownership of shipwrecks and shipwreck artifacts by Michael C. Barnette Somewhere out on the ocean, a ship is in distress. Tossed about by churning seas and brutal winds, the vessel struggles to stay afloat. Her crew puts forth a valiant effort while passengers, many incapacitated by waves of nausea spawned by the ever-moving deck underneath their feet, huddle together in fear.

Luke’s home had been constructed on top of a Roman villa, and the coins, animal bones, and artifacts they found were from A.D.! 2. At a large construction site in Boston’s Seaport District, workers made an absolutely amazing discovery that dated back to the mid- to a late-nineteenth-century!

Over the last 40 years, there has been a discernible increase in the number of scholars who have focused their research on early industrial organizations, a field of study that has come to be known as Archaeotechnology. Archaeologists have conducted fieldwork geared to the study of ancient technologies in a cultural context and have drawn on the laboratory analyses developed by materials scientists as one portion of their interpretive program.

Corroded iron from the Java Sea Wreck. Chinese Warring States arrowhead dating to about — B. A wrought-iron Roman cleaver. Large spear from Burkino Faso, Africa. Paperweight made by reworking iron from the Himeji Castle in Japan. In this article, an overview is presented of the status of the radiocarbon dating of iron-based materials. Recent advances include simplification in sample preparation and reduction in sample size for accelerator mass spectrometry measurements, and the potential use of rust as a viable source of material for radiocarbon dating.

Additionally, a summary is presented of all 63 previously published results for iron-based materials and 29 new results that have not been published previously. These materials range from low-carbon wrought irons to medium to very high-carbon steels and cast irons. Artifact dates range from several hundred years ago to several thousand years ago.

Dating methods

The blade is held in position by a circular flange to the top of the blade to keep in position when opened. The blade is secured by brass washers and iron pin. Nice early style with a honey brown patina to the handle

This is evidenced not only by the considerable number of gold ornaments and artifacts, dating back to the Bronze Age, which have been unearthed in Ireland, but also by the variety of Irish gold items have been discovered throughout Europe.

A jeweler or avid collector can identify and grade the metal for you. However, the avid collector can make a fair judgment about type and quality of previous metal. There are both scientific tests and more informal ways of identifying gold, silver and platinum. The first part of this post looks at the quick-and-dirty, unofficial in the antique store methods, methods. The second part of the chapter will show the scientific acids tests.

Though somewhat similar in color, gold looks different than brass and copper. Silver looks different than pewter and aluminum. An experienced eye is helpful. Very old gold can look shiny brand new. Gold is both very soft and heavy. This is not a definitive test as some other metals are also not magnetic. If the mark that is left is yellowish-gold the metal is real. If the mark is black the item is not.

10 Stolen Ancient Artifacts That Carried Curses

Silvianus believed that it was Senicianus who stole the ring- how he knew this is not clear. He inscribed the tablet in Latin: Silvianus has lost a ring and has donated one half [its worth] to Nodens. Among those named Senicianus permit no good health until it is returned to the temple of Nodens. The ring is large, perhaps intended to be worn on the thumb or outside of a glove.

The 3, items include around 11 pounds (5 kg) of gold and pounds ( kg) of silver and pieces of garnet cloisonné jewelry, all dating back to the 7th and early 8th century.

Mads Ravn, the research head at Vejle Museums, said the gold was believed to date to a time in the 6th century, just before the Viking period began. The gold included beads, pendants, a needle, and small pieces that were most likely used as currency. Photo by Vejle Museums Her discovery was made in Since then, professional archaeologists have worked the scene and secured more. Of 34 objects found, 27 of them are pure gold. The island already had a rich history, with arrowheads found dating back many, many centuries, and artifacts washing up on the shore.

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Many of these stories have happy endings, with priceless treasures now conserved and protected within museums, while others reveal the tragedy of grave robbing, tomb destruction, and the dark trade of antiquities on the black market. Here we explore ten of the most spectacular discoveries of golden treasures from the ancient world. These ships carried the wealth of an empire along with crew, soldiers and passengers. The next day, the fleet was hit by a hurricane as it entered into the Florida straits.

Nine years ago, a trove of intricate gold artifacts were uncovered at a little-known archaeological site in Panama. The treasures dating from over 1, years ago included gold beads, strange.

Whitney, the state geologist of California, published a lengthy review of advanced stone tools found in California gold mines. The implements, including spear points and stone mortars and pestles, were found deep in mine shafts, underneath thick, undisturbed layers of lava, in formations ranging from 9 million to over 55 million years old. Holmes of the Smithsonian Institution, one of the most vocal critics of the California finds, wrote: This process of knowledge filtration has been going on for well over a century and continues to the present day.

In addition to the general process of knowledge filtration, there also appear to be cases of more direct suppression. Whitney, the state geologist of California in and presented to the California Academy of Sciences. It should be noted, first of all, that the stone tools were found in abundance. There were hundreds of such stone tools discovered and some human fossils, as well pg.

This is inexplicable and intolerable to evolutionists, so the claim of a hoax was promulgated by W. Holmes of the Smithsonian Institution and Dr. Putnam of Harvard and William J.

Royal artifacts stolen from Swedish cathedral

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In addition to giving archaeologists important information about previous cultures and civilizations, artifacts aid in dating earth’s time periods and in historical record keeping. If a picture is “worth a thousand words” as the expression goes, then artifacts tell even more.

For the complete story click HERE. Anomalies were found in the root of the hair. The hair sample seems to show it contains 2 deleted genes for CCR5 protein and no intact gene for normal undeleted CCR5 – this CCR5 deletion factor has been implicated in aids resistance. The nature of these genetic findings has lead to some interesting possible connections with ancient cultures, myths and archaeological finds such as the strange Taklamakan mummies in China tall European like peoples with red hair The Tuatha tales describe powerful gods with orange or blonde hair and other unusual attributes.

Mari – the neolithic Goddess of Old Europe and the primary deity in Basque mythology – has many manifestations, including “as a tree that looks like a woman or a tree emitting flames”, “a white cloud or rainbow, or a ball of fire in the air”, a “sickle of fire, as which she appears crossing the sky” and “seen enveloped in fire, lying down horizontally, moving through the air”.

The records from ancient Ireland describe a whole series of invasions. They were apparently tall, blond or red-haired strangers, “expert in the arts of pagan cunning”, who supposedly interbred with the locals, while teaching them many kinds of useful skills. The Lebor Gabala records their dramatic entrance to Ireland as follows: They landed on the mountains of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta, and they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights.

Looted art

Toning can add natural beauty, and value, to coins. Or it can be the result of tampering by a coin doctor. There are ways to tell. Among coin collectors, toning is almost as controversial as market grading. Some like toning, some don’t, some toning is real, some is not. As a general rule, toned coins tend to be preferred more by advanced collectors than beginning collectors, while coins that look the same way they looked when they came from the Mint tend to be preferred more by newcomers.

New York Post. Share this: is believed to be from the Hellenistic/Roman period — dating back anywhere from BC to 31 BC. and added a gold brooch to the list of artifacts being sought.

D, probably used as calendar and astronomical calculator for the motions of stars and planets. It is very sophisticated device that consists of 30 toothed wheels, of diameter from 9 to mm, being able to rotate at a different speed each, dials and scaled metal plates with inscriptions related to the signs of zodiac, names of the planets. The engraved signs inform about the equinoxes, months, winds and constellations being in their different phases.

This device was created 1, years before the gear was invented. It is a five-inch-long 13 cm clay jar containing a copper cylinder that its edge was soldered with a lead-tin alloy, and bottom was capped with a crimped-in copper disk and held in place with asphalt or bitumen. Another insulating layer of asphalt sealed the top and also protected an iron bar suspended into the center of the cylinder. This one is known as the Baghdad Battery and is about 2, years old.

A dozen of other similar batteries were unearthed in Iraq. However the Parthians were skilled warriors rather and their scientific achievements were not known. It would appear then that they inherited these batteries from one of the earliest known civilizations. According to the experts, the device after being filled with an acid or alkaline liquid could create an electric charge.

It is believed that this old battery might have been used to electroplate silver, but it is only one of the theories. Important is to emphasize that electric batteries were not invented until by Alessandro Volta.


Local Links Jimtown mining camp The Gold Mining Camp of today is an exact replica of the original camp, located on the site of the original camp built in Take a step back into history to the days of the Gold Rush. Nestled by a creek, a miner’s cabin marks the entrance to a mine tunnel. You can almost hear rowdy music coming rom the Grizzly Adam’s Saloon. That really was a donkey braying! For a while, I really felt what it must have been like to live in California during the Gold Rush!

44 Amazing Facts About Historical Artifacts. The King List is a history of kingships dating back to pre-history of the Sumerian people. Researchers originally thought that they were straightforward historical documents, but as they found more complete versions, they realized that the kings were either partly or wholly mythological.

Clay tablets belong to the Sumerian era are displayed at the Iraqi Ministry of foreign Affairs headquarters in Baghdad January 30, The tiny gold jar, dating to 4, BC, the bronze axe head, clay tablets bearing cuneiform script, a metal amulet and other artifacts were seized by German police at public auctions and turned over to Iraqi officials in a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alexander Schonfelder, deputy head of the German diplomatic mission in Iraq, said German law dictated that any artifacts taken from Iraq after should be returned. Some 15, artifacts were thought to have been looted from the Iraqi National Museum and thousands more from archeological sites since the start of the war.

Up to than 10, of the National Museum pieces are still missing, said Amira Eidan, general director of the museum. Many believe it gave birth to such milestones of human development as agriculture, codified law and the wheel. Last September officials announced the recovery of the headless statue of a Sumerian king and more than other pieces. In December , Iraqi authorities seized artifacts that smugglers planned to take out of the country.

Hundreds Of Roman Gold Coins Found In Theater Basement

Jan 13, Afghans Restore Museum Relics Destroyed by Taliban With some help from abroad, the National Museum of Afghanistan has reassembled or recovered thousands of artifacts destroyed or stolen under Islamist rule. Sarah Pruitt With some help from abroad, the National Museum of Afghanistan has reassembled or recovered thousands of artifacts destroyed or stolen under Islamist rule.

Located on the Silk Road trade route linking China with the eastern Mediterranean, ancient Afghanistan was a magnet for settlers from different ethnicities and religions, from Hindus, Muslims and Jews to Buddhists and Zoroastrians.

The karat gold figure dating to around to C.E. weighs 4 lbs and depicts a woman sitting in the lotus position in Buddhism, is ornamented with jewelry on her body, and wears a headdress. This figure turned out to be a representation of the Bodhisattva Tara.

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The Nebra Sky Disc the Most Astounding Ancient Artifact Ever Discovered