Watching movies, Playing the basketball, and Exercising Debut: But one thing that’s been bothering him Gong Yoo is young-looking for his age and has played more than his share of high school students. Now, 28 years old, the star wants to move on and pass that stage in his life. An actor who already has his own signature style, it’s actor Gong Yoo! Gone is the uniform-clad high schooler, he’s grown up into a mature actor!

Yoo In-na to Make an Apperance at ‘Sugarman’ as One-Time Host

The popularity of the drama not only solidified his status as a leading man, but also made him a hallyu star. Military enlistment and comeback[ edit ] Gong Yoo then enlisted the mandatory service on January 14, , which ended on December 8, He made his comeback in the romantic comedy Finding Mr. Destiny , which was a medium box office hit in Korea. Upon its release on September 22, , the film sparked public outrage.

Public demand for legislative reform reached the National Assembly , where a revised bill to target sex crimes against minors and the disabled, dubbed the Dogani Bill after the Korean title of the film, was successfully passed in late October

After making headlines for over a week following Ji Hyun Woo’s public confession, and a suspicious stroll through the park together, actress Yoo In Na finally admitted that she and Ji Hyun Woo.

I decided to create a separate blog post for additional Korean dramas. I thought this list is getting too long and some of you might be having hard time loading the page. Please click here to check the part 2 of this list. I would say I used to hate Romantic Comedy dramas. And then I met my husband, Lee Min Ho. I know they were crap, but some unspecified addictive chemical in them kept me drinking.

And because I got too addicted to it, I came up with an idea to embark on a quest to find the good quality romantic comedies. Feel free to scroll down below. This guy, how can you not love him? He, alone, is enough reason to watch this drama. Lol Anyway, kidding aside, the drama was really good. The plot, the actors, the chemistry between the casts — total package. Plus you get to see tons of good-looking-shirtless actors running around.

I have no idea what else can top this.

Cheese in the Trap

A South Korean actor with some rare abilities and skills Gong Yoo is a sensational man who has a given a lot to the world of movies from the position he stands. He has rightly won the hearts of the fans that are crazy about Korean dramas! If you are crazy about it too, read more. For your information, Gong Yoo celebrates his birthday on the 10th July of the year Gong had the height of 1.

In-Na Yoo has been in a relationship with Hyun-Woo Ji (). About In-Na Yoo is a 36 year old South Korean Actress born on 5th June, in Seongnam, South Korea.

Yoo Young-Chul admin 2 julio, 54 Yoo Young-Chul ha pasado a convertirse en el mayor asesino serial de Corea del Sur con sus recientes asesinatos cometidos en el y el No mataba para robar, violar o torturar: Sumado a eso, la madrastra de Yoo, una mujer cruel y abusiva que golpeaba salvajemente a su hermanita menor. Esta vez no era simple robo: Estaba solo y amargado. Eran explotadores, generadores de desigualdad social, acaparadores de una riqueza injustamente distribuida en virtud de su actitud de sanguijuelas.

Para ese fin los perros resultaban perfectos. Lo miraron presas del temor. No dinero ni joyas: Al ver al Sr. Faltaba solamente el esposo de la Sra. Nuevamente el proceso fue el mismo de las veces anteriores, empezando por hallar una iglesia y terminando por escalar el muro de una casa lujosa aparentemente segura. Con tono de inquietud y disgusto, la Sra. Tras el episodio en casa del Sr.

Yoo Ah In Exempt From Military Service After 5th Physical Examination

At the age of 16, Yoo In-na joined an entertainment agency as an apprentice singer in , and even came close to joining a girl group at one point. But 11 years and five different agencies later, she was unsuccessful at breaking out. Yoo said she had difficulty memorizing the dance choreography required of K-pop singers, and after practicing her dance moves for eight hours a day, six days a week, she called it quits.

Hyun-Woo Ji and In-Na Yoo dated from 18th to June, On Screen Matchups. Hyun-Woo Ji and In-Na Yoo were in Queen In-hyun’s Man () together.. About. Hyun-Woo Ji is a 33 year old South Korean Actor born on 29th November, in South Korea. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius In-Na Yoo is a 36 year old South Korean Actress born on 5th June, in Seongnam, South Korea.

Netizens speculate Yoo In Na’s knowledge of their relationship. October 10, This time it is about the latter’s relationship with Kiha and the Faces member, Chang Kiha. A recent post on an online community speculated that Yoo In Na knew all about her best friend’s relationship since the beginning and dropped several teasers to let fans know that that IU and Chang are indeed in a relationship.

According to Allkpop , an online community post entitled, “Yoo In Na knew the truth about IU and Chang Kiha’s relationship” is flooded with a swarm of rumours and speculations about her knowledge of the alleged relationship. The website further stated, “At around the I wish you would sing and introduce this song. You’re a good singer. Recently, Chang Kiha and IU made an official announcement about their relationship and stated that they’ve been dating for two years.

IU’s agency, Leon Tree stated: Starting from two years ago, the two began interacting, and they began having good feelings towards each other. The two are currently happily meeting.

Yoo In Na declines questions about IU at a press conference in Taiwan?

Without further ado, here are the translations to the questions asked and the answers provided by EXO. I am Kai, who just transformed into a blonde! Xiumin is your face okay? After getting the kisses?

Unlike American girls, British yoo in na dating chevy will want to be taken to the restaurant because this is the way they feel they should be treated and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Actually, I am a fan of many things. It depends on my mood. I love everything about it and was so ecstatic when I knew they were dating for real! I am kind of resting now watching SBS Heroes! I made a vow years ago not to know anything about K-Pop. I watch K-dramas, I know K-artists, and that alone take too much of my time. Because the casts were members of K-pop group and some are actresses.

And to get to know them, I should at least know their groups. And to know them is to watch their Music Videos. And to watch is to download songs of them, and when I do, it will be a non-stop playing of their music. And that will lead to k-pop addiction and obsession. Anyway, I love Heroes!

Yoo Ah In Exempt From Military Service After 5th Physical Examination

Na Gyung-Eun is a beautiful lady and she is the graduate of Yonsei University. They are strongly bonded as a loving husband and wife. They are living a happy family life. His nationality is South Korean and he is of Korean ethnicity. With the completion of his secondary education, Yoo joined Seoul Institute of the Arts. During that time he was establishing his comedian career and this hectic schedule denied his chance of earning a degree from there.

Yoo In-na (born June 5, ) is a South Korean actress and DJ. After supporting roles in High Kick! Through the Roof () and Secret Garden (), she rose to fame as the lead actress in Queen and I (), which led to a supporting role in My Love from the Star ().Born: June 5, (age 36), Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea.

And now, the recent on-set antics between the two Korean idols have been able to gather strength in creating a truck-load of rumors and speculations that something might really be going on between the two. All of these rumors and speculations regarding their possible romantic relationship started to surface when OCN released behind-the-scenes video clips of the drama series.

In the behind-the-scenes video, Song Ji Eun can be seen rehearsing the scene as she lies down on the floor with her bath robe. And surprisingly, Sung Hoon covered up the legs of Song Ji Eun when the bathrobe accidentally exposed a part of her thighs. According to another report by Korea Portal, what made the fans giggle is when Sung Hoon jokingly says that he finds the legs of Song Ji Eun gross. Another behind-the-scenes video clip which supports the theory that they are into each other is when Sung Hoon carries Song Ji Eun while running throughout the hotel corridor.

The actor was exhausted because of the scene, which is why Song Ji Eun gave Sung Hoon a lovely shoulder massage. With all of these being said, it is very likely that Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun might really be in a real secret romantic relationship.

Behind The Scenes of Goblin with Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na – First Meeting