In the impoverished areas of northern Nigeria where she lives, most bus stops are thronged with young girls hawking peanuts or other snacks from buckets balanced carefully on their heads, and so she joined them. The girls are easy prey for the older men who prowl these chaotic market places. Lantana thought she had found a protector in a bus tout who regularly bought up her daily wares, until the night he lured her into a dark alley. Yet thousands of young women are calling a free number to hear more about her fictional life, and talking to mentors on the other end of the line about what they would do if they were her. The program, called Girls Connect , uses compelling stories like that of Lantana to reach young women from across a broad spectrum of Nigerian society through the kind of interactive voice recognition software that a bank might otherwise use to address consumer queries. But unlike a bank hotline, which is designed to eliminate the need for costly human interaction, the point of Girls Connect is to get the callers to engage with a call center representative who can help them process the information and use it in their daily lives. When callers dial in, they are offered a menu of four stories, with four chapters each, to choose from.

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Amidst this thought my phone rang…. The second ring broke my thought and on checking who it was it was Mrs. Y is the wife of the ambassador of Nigeria to a Caribbean country name withheld , she has a very successful chain of boutiques and supermarkets name withheld and was in Nigeria most times rather than being with her husband, she has two daughters and a son, both daughters are my age group but still in some private university name withheld.

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It has been 10 years since a suspected serial killer prowling the streets of Atlantic City claimed Molly Dilts, 20, and three other women, Kim Raffo, 35, Barbara Breidor, 42, and Tracy Ann Roberts, New details are emerging about the kidnapping of Northern California mom Sherri Papini, who was able to provide basic descriptions of the two Spanish-speaking women she says abducted her. Authorities say the motive for the kidnapping is still unknown, but one private investigator says there are signs that sex trafficking could be involved.

It looks like Kenyan articles about sex workers can be just as weirdly stupid as Nigerian ones: Quite possibly the stupidest prohibitionist argument of the year: Pokemon Go is a game in which you capture little monsters inside balls and trade them for candy or use them to fight other Pokemon to gain points…But, as with prostitution, when you look more closely at Pokemon Go, you see a nastier side.

In the game, I lure and drug beautiful little wild animals in their natural environment to calm them for capture, then bombard them with ever stronger Pokeballs in which I eventually confine them…I put Pokemon in my collection, inspect their vital statistics and, if it suits me, sell them to an authority figure the Professor, a wise old white man in return for candy. Or I may keep them, send them to battle others and get them hurt in the process.

But prohibitionists never let actual facts contaminate their bizarre, sex-hating beliefs. When Aravindan Balakrishnan was growing up, in Kerala…his mother often warned him not to curse people when he was angry…she believed that her eldest son possessed occult powers, and nicknamed him Black Tongue; later, as an adult, Balakrishnan would boast that he could set people aflame by looking at them. He was a good student, and won a British Council scholarship…to study at the London School of Economics…By , Balakrishnan had suspended his studies at the university and joined the Communist Party of England.

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When I was growing up, I so much admired Nollywood from the outside. I may never stop if I continue to make a list of the films that rocked our screens in the 90s and early s. I wanted to join the film industry after my university education.

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William August 4, at 9: Trouble August 4, at Not much night life. Saw hookers on the street. None of them were good looking. Saw a couple of girls who looked OK and one stunner. Not very many people around at all. Most of the tourists were old and fat. Most of the good looking tourist girls were with the local black guys. Walker August 13, at 3: Reply Africascott September 21, at 1: For the record Aphrodiciac is about 20 minutes from Osu in an area called Jo Lu. Up until 2 or 3 years ago Macumba was a 10 year legend that really rocked.

Jokers in Osu on Labadi Rd is good most nights but closed Monday.

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Posted on May 9, Who are the richest musicians in Nigeria? Music has been paying heavily in Nigeria for the past ten years. No wonder average Nigerian youths sees music as one of the the quick means to wealth and fame. When a good number of artistes have risen from nothing to something over the years, enjoying wealth that can only be imagined by their peers.

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There even good girls there that you can stay with for a longer time. Some of them even have money to pay you. This is where they all wait to meet guys and this is where Port Harcourt business men and college guys pick their choice 1. Ocabique plaza, Stadium Road. Enough ashawos coupled with cold drinks and open aired sitting bar environment. The environment alone will fantasize you. You will see sweet looking girls, you must find your taste.

Local girls there if you want you can also hang out with them, if you love fresh babes from the age of 18 and above you can also find them there. The name of the hotel is Bristol if memory serves me correct. Some huge brothel in rumuomasi. Sadly this is the only place I have no idea of the name and the man who showed me died some years back. Scroll down to see this sugar mummy phone number and WhatsApp number How to get sugar mummy and sugar girls free.

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A rich relative, hitherto unknown, has died in Africa leaving millions of dollars unclaimed. An African “lawyer” wants you to inherit – but you first have to pay fees via Western Union. Fake money picture often sent by the fraud criminals.

Some popular stars are currently being signed up for products endorsement by some of the Telecom and other big companies in Nigeria. That is where the big bucks will come from. Lifestyle – There is huge glamour and seemingly enjoyment going on in the entertainment industry all over the world.

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But I held back because the sender is a serious guy. Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chhor Divas or Diwali to mark the return of the Sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Ji, who was freed from imprisonment and also managed to release 52 political prisoners at the same time from Gwalior fort by Mughal Emperor Jahangir in In the three-paragraph memo, the Registrar, Vishwadeepak Singh, a retired military officer, had given students a deadline of August 13, to get boyfriends or girlfriends.

In case the students think it is a joke, the registrar warned that violation would attract a fine of Rs and suspension from school! After reading the memo, which gave students barely one month from the date of signing to comply, I raced to google it from other verifiable sources.

Total Egina FPSO. Total Upstream Petroleum Nigeria Limited (TUPNI) awarded the Egina Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) vessel construction contract to Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) in Since then, a number of additional packages have also been awarded.

An x-rated video of a group of University female students in Lagos indulging in lesbian sex has been leaked. It is by far one of the most shameless, yet popular trend in Nigeria on the web. The rate at which homosexuality is booming in Nigeria these days is becoming disastrous. Earlier this year, there was an incident were a group of gang members caught some lesbian girlfriends on campus in the act.

They stripped them unclad and flogged them mercilessly while forcing them to continue in their shameless act. Nigerian lesbians committing abomination Now, we are receiving this video via TeeAliTV of a group of lesbians having doing the unthinkable with each other in their room, they seem to be campus girls either from LASU or one of the polytechnics in Lagos. Watch the video below, they are indeed shameless! Biko, the video is no longer available. Get more trends like this Subscribe to our mailing list and get latest Nigeria trends in your inbox.

We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously Other Related Trends:

Links Hotel, Owerri, Nigeria – Imo State

Since then, a number of additional packages have also been awarded. Contracts are now being awarded to equipment manufacturers who also demonstrate that a significant part of the work will be performed locally in line with the provisions of the local content act. Hull and topside packages: The Egina project is valued at USD 15 billion. It consists of 44 wells connected to the 2.

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See Article History Alternative Title: Federal Republic of Nigeria Nigeria, country located on the western coast of Africa. Nigeria has a diverse geography, with climates ranging from arid to humid equatorial. The country has abundant natural resources, notably large deposits of petroleum and natural gas. The national capital is Abuja , in the Federal Capital Territory , which was created by decree in The country became independent on October 1, , and in adopted a republican constitution but elected to stay a member of the Commonwealth.

Land Nigeria is bordered to the north by Niger , to the east by Chad and Cameroon , to the south by the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean , and to the west by Benin.

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One of the rules of the Illuminati is “We don’t talk about the Illuminati” so I can’t say too much about it here. Am here because of those that do write this comments on internet: Making wealth is guaranteed for the people of the world.

We want you to watch the video above and tell us what you think is their problem. The boy is saying he will not pay because the ashawo did not complete the job.

Naturally, it was raining beer, red wine and other drinks. Three men, who had arrived from Lagos, took their seats. They ordered drinks, but their eyes kept wandering away from their glasses to women walking into the premises. Their stares announced one thing: The more they looked, the hungrier they got, but none of them made a move because the women who came in were coming to meet men. One of the hotel waiters knew the look they had in their eyes.

But there was a little problem: He drew his phone like a gun from a holster, moved to a quieter part of the premises and made phone calls. He returned to announce to the three men that six girls would be with them in half an hour. The men said they needed three and not six girls! The waiter explained that he was just trying to create a wider pool from which they could choose. Offers of drinks were made and accepted.