Food, water, laptop, WiFi; not necessarily in that order. Oh, and saving the world. Full summary now inside. Plus, he kinda wanted to rub it in the other Jounin Sensei’s faces that his team was just awesome like that, even if they didn’t know it yet. T – English – Humor – Chapters: Being inserted into an anime sucks ass Buuut I guess it could be worse.

June 2012 Update

Otakon is a 25 year old convention that has operated non-stop since where it first started in State College, Pennsylvania. It moved around a bit until when it moved to Baltimore, Maryland where it was held at the Baltimore Convention Center from until In , Otakon moved from its longtime home of Baltimore to Washington D. It’s focus has been Asian Pop Culture and the mission of Otakon’s organizing non-profit, Otakorp has been “to promote the appreciation of Asian culture, primarily through its media and entertainment.

Otakon has a large guest list for this year:

The rules of the Judeo-Christian marriage, chiefly monogamous, lifelong unions between a man and woman make more sense than the values of the “hook-up” culture. Among those dubious values are divorce, cohabitation outside of marriage, and artificial contraception.

I was 19 years old, bewildered, and attending the first convention of my life. Do you remember your earliest anime convention? Newer fans may have missed it, but the nostalgia hit me harder than the tang of sweat and melting body paint in the stifling Baltimore summer. For me, Otakon 20 was a time machine to my earliest fandom memories. Twenty years of Otakon Even after 20 years, Otakon is firmly rooted to its origins. Never mind that the room barely even reached half capacity.

The nostalgia must be felt. Convention badges are displayed like relics. We heard the story of how Otakon went from a person gathering in sleepy State College, Pennsylvania, to a 35, attendee mega-event in the Baltimore metropolis. There was the animation Otakon co-produced with high profile anime studio Madhouse.

The Asuka/Kaworu Pairing

He’ll slip on a black and silver outfit, complete with a black vest, big collar and silver belt. He’ll don a turquoise blue wig “that’s supposed to be really spiky. For this is Otakon weekend, when fans of Japanese pop culture gather from all over the world. They’ll attend concerts by Japanese performers rarely seen on these shores, watch the latest in Japanese animation called anime, by those in the know , sit in on fan panels covering almost every imaginable topic “How to Become a Samurai in 1 Hour,” for example , meet artists, writers and celebrities.

Many of them, like Brooks, will be specially dressed for the occasion.

For the audiophile in your life who loves to get lost in music, hook them up (figuratively) with the Skullcandy Venue, a set of wireless noise-canceling headphones. Otakon to Host MACROSS creator Shoji Kawamori. August 7, Black Ops 4 battle royale has 80 players plus zombies. September 4, MUST READ.

The announcements included a new partnership with indie developer Lunasoft. Current partnership announcements included two titles from Alicesoft, Parade and Minori. The publisher will also be releasing a title from Yurin Yurin, the brand that spawned developer St. Tweet MangaGamer also announced that several English original titles would be releasing on their platform.

What other changes could this altered history bring about? If the portal was left unchecked, monsters would invade Ritaania and the kingdom would be destroyed. However, a similar portal appeared years earlier and a certain hero came to the rescue of the beleaguered kingdom. I was taking advantage of my summer break to go on a ten day vacation with my best friend.

Is this the hotel? Did I fall asleep on the bus…? When we searched the room for some clue as to where we were, we found yet another screen displaying a single, mercilessly cold sentence: If we play our cards right, we can get out in ten days—ten choices. At the time, the whole school was in a festive mood with Christmas just around the corner.

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That ending was just What was the point of anything? Totally I mean seriously Spoiler Alert! Click to show or hide He has a lot of nerve to say he still doesn’t want to be the boss. I mean the assembled the guardians, beat down Xansus from becoming the boss, got the evolved versions of the rings, Knows that is a version of the future he did become the boss, etc. Also it destroys any character development he had as it means he hasn’t actually changed at all

No hookup requests, no outside chat services. Requests for kik / snapchat / other forms of solicitation will result in a ban. If the photo isn’t of you, don’t post :// /1jt68g/anyone_going_to_otakon_this_weekend.

Anime is not bound to just those particular colors, in fact a large percentage of your favorite anime characters have different colors of hair to either match their overall personality, or to make them look stylish. As for which color is your favorite? Silver When it comes to silver colored hair, many of us can go as far back as Inuyasha. Silver in some cases represents the color of elegance, grace, and wealth.

Red can represent negative emotions such as rage, danger, wrath, aggression, and malice. However it can also represent courage, leadership, strength, passion, and romance.

Stan, Hook Up My Bra – Video Clip | South Park Studios

Fans of all ages flocked to the Baltimore Convention Center in full gear, with costumes ranging from anime and comics to the realms of sci-fi and video games. Breathe life into your go-to cosplay favorites or create new ones by mixing in fabrics like latex, stretch PVC or veggie leather. Let the fun begin!

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Otakon 2016 Star Wars Photoshoot

Otakon , The Cosplay By super rats on July 23, Every year people go through the trouble of building a costume and wearing it for everyone to see. I saw some great costumes at Otakon this year. The shows that are popular right now share similar palettes and style cues. I felt this made a lot of costumes blend together in a monochromatic sea where I probably missed a lot of good builds. This made up the bulk of the cosplay at Otakon this year.

A couple of times, I did hit the plaza where many cosplayers pose and gather, so I did get a few shots when it was convenient.

Also with what you were saying, I have thought about going to Otakon, Otaku con, and if those SOB’s weren’t so exclusive about it, E3. But, I’m not so sure that would be the best place to meet people seeing as how people are not there to hook-up, they’re far more interested in the stands and events.

Sweet Jesus – it smells like an anime convention in here. The cast of Yuru-Yuri go to anime conventions twice, during which the girls cosplay as Mirakurun characters and Kyouko is revealed as a popular Doujinshi writer. Seiji from Midori Days ends up crowned an “otaku god” after he helps his Secret Keeper sell minidolls of Midori at a convention and refusing to sell his extremely advanced prototype y’know Yaoi Doujinshi which she finds a bit “too much” for her.

Genshiken makes a major deal out of the club’s both current and past members visits to the same convention as Lucky Star. Both of these series additionally make a big deal out of a common but seldom-covered “activity” at these: Tohru and Kobayashi are both helping Makoto sell his doujin, but Tohru later attracts lots of attention from cosplay photographers with her meido outfit and wings and tail showing. Lucoa , on the other hand, is removed from site because her outfit was too skimpy. Fafnir tries his hand at selling a doujin full of actual working curses, but walks away without selling even a single copy.

Makoto and Fafnir later attend Comiket 91, but no attention is focused since they point out that it’s the middle of winter. Fafnir once again fails to sell even a single copy. Comic Books In the Sandman series, a hotel puts on just such a convention It’s billed as a ” Cereal Convention “. Poppy asks what the theme is, suggesting Doctor Who , Anime or Steampunk.

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It was a 5 day trip for me-I was driving alone for the miles and I wanted to be safe. It was a long distance trip to a place I’ve never been before. The thing is, 5 days passed so fast it felt like a 2 day trip. I wanted to arrive at the hotel before 5 so I could avoid the nasty traffic of Baltimore. Driving down there went better than what I imagined. Got there in 6 hrs.

I saw some great costumes at Otakon this year. I wish I took more pictures of them, but really, I hardly took any pictures (~75 shots) because I just didn’t have time and I didn’t feel up to fighting the crowds.

Print Article AA It’s that time of year where it seems like there’s at least one big fan convention going on every weekend somewhere in the country. Whether you’re planning to head to New Jersey for the Steampunk World’s Fair later this month or counting down for San Diego Comic-Con in July, there are a few essentials you’ll need to bring with you. On Tuesday, I asked my fellow con-goers on Twitter and Facebook what’s the one thing they have to bring to a convention.

The responses were varied. Some people pointed to a few good checklists available online, like this one that goes back to as well as one from Fanboy Comics. Parenting Geekly has a great list for those intending on bring kids to the con. Our respondents’ answers ranged from personal hygiene necessities to personal technology musts.

Check out the list below and add your own must-have items in the comment section. Sunscreen My Twitter bio reads “gets sunburn at comic book conventions. My problem isn’t forgetting sunscreen — I apply it every morning. Instead, it’s a matter of forgetting to reapply sunscreen.

One more step

The final Otakon weekend ritual includes DMing for my gaming group as soon as I get home, which turned out to be an awesome session. Loot was light this year. A character design sketch folio for Shangri-la, the art book from the person who draws all of those awesome Persona things, Birth from the Aria artist, a bag of like 20 dice frosted pink, blue, and colorless , a set of large K-On pins these are pretty huge , and a dancing Cinnamorrol.

Otakon badges can be picked up at the Baltimore Convention Center in the Pratt Street Lobby with a form of identification. Registration will be open in the Pratt Street Lobby on Thursday, July 23th 3 PM to 10 PM for pre-registration pick-up.

Guide to MegaCon This will be one of the last anime track events at MegaCon this year and a grreat way to wrap up the convention experience. We keep updating our karaoke track list every convention so we will have some new songs in addition to a lot of old favorites! Here are some guidelines: Karaoke is first come, first serve. Make sure you show up to the event early and sign up as soon as you can so you can get the chance to sing.

You may sign up for another song only after you have sung your song. We will know if you try to sign up several songs at a time. We try our best to have as many fun karaoke songs as we can, but it is not guaranteed that we will have everything. We will not play your CD or hook up your MP3 player. That takes time and we really want to get in as many people singing as possible.

What we have is what you get to choose from.

What is MAGFest?

The occasion — for those old enough to remember watching Speed Racer — was Otakon; a convention for fans of Asian pop culture. Now in its twenty-second year, Otakon is the largest and longest-running Japanese animation anime convention on the East Coast of the United States. The festive event which draws people from all over the world, has been held at the Baltimore Convention Center since

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The Gagged Girl Just a girl who likes getting kidnapped, bound and gagged and likes to tell stories. Oh, big-time otaku over anime! You might see some of the same blog entries as over in my fetlife account suzyisgagged , but you will see different stuff here as well! I was sitting in the back of the van, on a blanket, while two men in latex hoods were checking the rest of the straps. My kidnapping was pretty simple. I was taking a shortcut in an alley, taking no notice of the one car that went by me, so why would I have noticed the van?

It slowed down next to me, and just as I turned my head, the side door opened and arms reached out, grabbed me and pulled me in. I was so shocked and surprised that half the straps were on me before I even thought about fighting back. Shortly thereafter, we parked and got another passenger. A woman wearing a leather jacket zipped up, jeans and combat boots came on. She sat down in front of me and smiled at me with perfect teeth.

Her hair was black and bobbed. I couldn’t stop staring at her eyes; ice blue. She did an inspection of my bonds.

Otakon 2016 Interview with Muramasa