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Versailles Magazine n° octobre – Page – sport, un investissment durable – magazine d’information de la ville de Versailles.

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Things to do in Paris – Stroll through the Covered Passages

Geography[ edit ] Chantilly lies in the Parisian basin, at the south end of the region of Hauts-de-France and the north end of the Parisian metropolitan area. It belongs to the historic region of Valois. It’s the third-largest urban area in the Oise and the seventh-largest in Hauts-de-France. Topography[ edit ] Chantilly straddles the junction of the Paris Basin and the western County of Valois, of which the Nonette river is a boundary.

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For an indulgent all-out Francophile experience, book the Marie Antoinette Suite, which has 17th-century stone walls, crystal chandeliers and actual pieces from Versailles. In the Area Award-winning architectural gem Musée de la Civilisation houses a valuable collection that links past, present and future.

The period called Modern Time, which spans from the Renaissance until today, is known essentially by the vast amount of images of the city. There are many views of the streets and monuments of Paris from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, but there are also many portraits of characters who played a role in the history of the capital and works showing events which took place in Paris, especially the many revolutions which stirred the capital, as well as many scenes of the daily life in all the social classes.

A vendor is showing his wares to a crowd of interested on-lookers, and a man is walking hunched over with a bundle on his back. Paintings showing the people’s revenge on the Bastille , a dungeon that had become “a symbol of the arbitrariness of royal power. It was used in the Walt Disney animated film ” Aristocats “. In , the widow of Francois de Kernevenoy, a Breton whose name was rendered in French as Carnavalet, purchased the building.

It was purchased by Michel Le Peletier and passed on eventually to his grandson, Le Peletier de Saint Fargeau was a representative of the nobility in the Estates-General of In , Le Peletier voted for the execution of Louis XVI , and was murdered, in revenge for his vote, the same day of the execution of the king on January 20,

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Constructed from the late 18th through the early 19th centuries, there were originally over a hundred of these covered walkways. Today there remain somewhere around 30, clustered together mostly on the Right Bank. It was here, in , that the first gas street lighting in Paris was installed. But what makes this passage really unique are the numerous dealers selling antique documents and postage stamps for collectors note: Passage des Panoramas is just over feet in length and adjacent to several minor passageways: Galerie Vivienne — Built in , this is one of the more elegant of the old shopping arcades, decorated with sculptural reliefs and eye-catching mosaic pavement by Giandomenico Facchina.

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Versailles Garden Fountains Tour Besides its many wonderful plants and trees landscaped into amazing patterns, the gardens at the Royal Palace of Versailles have another key ingredient: The marvelous fountains and other fantastic water features here only serve to underline the magnificent beauty of the whole complex. Take our tour to see the best water features in the royal gardens.

These numerous groves are certain to impress you with their magnificence and splendor. Take our tour to find all the highlights of the palace gardens. The latter is, by far, Versailles’ main attraction, complete with its Hall of Mirrors, Grand Apartments and the Royal Chapel, as well as the spacious formal gardens adorned with fountains and sculptures. To learn more about these and other top landmarks of Versailles, follow this orientation walk. Take our tour to see the most popular cultural venues in Versailles.

If you buy a ticket at the entrance to the palace, you can discover all the best places in this very pleasant area of Versailles. One of the highlights is the Royal Chapel, which hosted many baptisms, weddings and funerals involving the French royal family. Take our tour to visit the most interesting places of worship in the town.

Is graffiti ruining Paris?

He would have them stationed on city centre streets and at other vulnerable sites. In truth, he would have two sets of snipers, one to combat graffiti and the other to solve the litter problem. You drop a sweet wrapper, you die. There are times when this seems about right, and one of those times is today. Incredible street art tours Sniper rifles at the ready Photo:

RENDEZ-VOUS DU MOIS•La Semaine bleue GRAND TÉMOIN•Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie VIE QUOTIDIENNE•Handicap et vivre ensemble AU SERVICE DES FAMILLES Magazine d’information de la Ville de Versailles • octobre • 3,10 €Octobre Magazine d’information publié par la Ville de Versailles.

History[ edit ] Mantes was half way between the centres of power of the dukes of Normandy at Rouen and the Kings of France at Paris. Along with most of northern France, it changed hands frequently in the Hundred Years’ War. Philip Augustus died at Mantes, 14 July Louis XIV instituted the manufacture of musical instruments in Mantes, and it was chosen as the centre of brass and woodwind instrument manufacture.

In the 19th century, painters were attracted to the town, particularly Corot , whose paintings of the bridge and the cathedral are celebrated. Prokofiev spent the summer of there orchestrating the ballet Chout.

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Située aux portes de Paris, le Plessis-Robinson est une ville d’environ 30 habitants en plein développement. Lauréate du Grand Prix Européen de l’Urbanisme , la Ville affirme son dynamisme à travers des projets urbains innovants et confirme son statut de ville verte tout en accueillant des entreprises de pointe comme Renault ou MBDA.


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